Es werde Licht

Yesterday, in a class I am attending, we had an exercise in the dark. It was the first time since Dialog I had spent any time in “real” dark. But I instantaneously couldn’t comply with the exercise.

I had an immersive experience, disconnected from the proposed exercise, because of those voices in the dark, the movement, all the things you taught me about: mindspace, projections and amplifications in the dark… all this came to me all of a sudden. All I remembered was you and my “dark days”. Vivid memories of months and years in those few minutes…

And then it was over.

I arrived home, but couldn’t sleep at night—mainly because at one point I imagined telling you this, talking to you about this and many other things I know you would understand so well…

Then, when I was finally falling asleep, I could hear your voice asking:
“Was it real dark Ale?”

So I came here to answer: Nope. At one point I had to close my eyes not to lose the illusion of darkness… But we could have made it darker, it was just one light-trap away.

Things are better now, but I still miss you. 

Alexandre Baptista‎
Campinas, Brasil

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